Manufacturer Name QXMD
Website http://www.qxmd.com.cn/en/?index.html
Location China
Special Focus Line
Part Number DescriptionFunctionApplicationPackageStatusSample
QX5306 Wide input voltage range: 7V-24V.High efficiency: up to 95%..CS current-limiting protection voltage: 500mV.FB current sampling voltage: 250mV.Chip-powered under-voltage protection: 5.8V.Off-time adjustable.Internal compensation technology.Internal output OVP function.Power ManagementLED lamp cupTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX2306 Maximum efficiency:92%.Maximum operating frequency:300 KHz.Low quiescent current:13uA.Selectable voltage output:1.9V~3.3V .Output accuracy:±2.5% .Low pick-up voltage:0.65V.Low ripple, low noisePower ManagementLEDTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX2303 300KHz Maximum Operating Frequency.2.5V to 5.0V Output Voltage With 0.1V step.Low Start-up Voltage: 0.8V at 1mA.±2.5% Output Voltage Accuracy.Up to 89% Efficiency.Output Current: 300mA at 2.5V Input, 3.3V Output voltage.Low Ripple and Low Noise.Four external components needed only.Power ManagementLEDTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX2304 Input Voltage- 0.9V~3.6V,Output Voltage- 2.5V~3.6V,Output Current->=300mA,Efficiency-95%Power ManagementLEDTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5246F Internal 40V, 5A power MOS.Current accuracy: ±4%.Advanced current sensing, constant-current output. Dim control (highest dim control frequency: 5KHz).Hysteresis control: no need for compensation.Highest operating frequency: 1MHz.5V, 2mA on-chip voltage regulator.ESOP8 packaging.Power ManagementBuildingTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX3406 High efficiency: up to 96%.Low quiescent current:20μA.Output current:up to 600mA.Voltage input range:2.5V - 5.5V.Fixed operating frequency:1.4MHz.No need for Schottky diode.LDO operable:100% duty cycle.Reference voltage:0.6V.Excellent linear and transient response in current mode.Internal over-temperature protection.Power Management Mobile phoneTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX2305 Wide voltage input range:2.5V~100V.High efficiency:up to 90%.Highest operating frequency:1MHz.CS current-limiting protection voltage:250mV.FB sampling voltage:1000mV.Chip-powered under voltage protection:2.5V.Internal current sampling cutting-edge blanking circuit.External frequency compensation component.Adjustable shutdown timing settings.Led DriverConstant-voltage charger controlTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5305 High Efficiency: up to 95%.Switching Frequency: up to 1MHz.Wide Range Input Voltage:3.6V to 100V.UVLO Voltage: 2.5V.Peak Current Sense Voltage: 250mV.Adjustable Luminance With PWM Signal Applied to EN Pin.Adjustable Off-time.Internal Current Sampling Leading Edge Blanking Circuit.Led DriverLED Light CupTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX9921,QX9924 Internal 100V power tube.Wide voltage input range:5V~100V.High efficiency: up to 92%.Maximum operating frequency:1MHz.Peak current sampling voltage:250mV.Adjustable light intensity: EN pin of PWM dimming and DIM pin of linear dimming.Adjustable off-time.Internal current sampling leading edge blanking circuitLed DriverFlat screen display LED back lightTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX6103 Advanced current sensing. Current output:<3A.Voltage input:6~100V.LED average current control:maintain constant current.LED current output accuracy:±3%.High efficiency: maximum >95%.Current mode PWM control.Fixed operating frequency.Jitter frequency.Internal loop and slope compensation.Chip powered under-/over-voltage protection.Led DriverLED Spot LightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX9920 Wide Range Input Voltage:2.5V to 100V.High Efficiency: Up to 90%.Maximum Operating Frequency: 1MHz.UVLO Voltage: 2.5V.Peak Current Sense Voltage: 250mV.Adjustable Luminance With PWM Signal Applied to EN Pin.Adjustable Off-time.Internal Current Sampling Leading Edge Blanking Circuit.Led DriverFlat screen display LED back lightTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5243 Maximum Output Current: 800mA.Current Accuracy: ±4%.High Efficiency: up to 95%.High-side Output Current Sensing Circuit and Constant Current Output.Maximum DIM Frequency: 20 KHz.Hysteresis-Loop Operating Mode: No Compensation.Maximum Operating Frequency: 1MHz.Maximum Output Power: 20W.5V,2mA Regulator on Chip.Led DriverBuildingTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5241 Maximum Output Current: 2.5A.High Efficiency: 96%.High-side Current Sense.Maximum Dimming Frequency: 5KHz.Hysteretic Control: No Compensation.Maximum Operating frequency: 1MHz.High Current Accuracy: Up to ±1%.Wide input voltage range: 5.5V to 36V. Maximum Output Power: 25W.5V, 5mA On-chip Regulator.Led DriverFlashlightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX7138 Power supply voltage:3.0V~6.0V.PWM dimming frequency:200HZ~10KHZ.Current output:20mA - 3.0A.Current output accuracy:±5%.Only needs an external resistor and NMOS tube.Voltage expandable to >400V.Current expandable to 3.0A.Led DriverPower linear LED DriverTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX7137 Power Supply Voltage: 2.7~5.5V.Extremely Low Quiescent Current: 26uA.Sink Current: 100mA~3.0A.Current Accuracy: ±5%.Extensible Power Supply: Above 400V.Extensible LED Current: Up to 3.0A.Led DriverLinear LED lighting driverTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX7136 Power Supply Voltage: 2.7~5.5V.Extensible Power Supply: Above 400V.Sink Current: 100mA~ 3000mA.Current Accuracy: ±6%.Thermal Protection: 120 oC. Low Voltage Protection: 2.5V. Soft-start. Led DriverLinear LED lighting driverTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX7135 Power Supply Voltage: 2.7~5.5V.Sink Current: 100mA to 380mA With 10mA Step.Current Accuracy: ±5%.Thermal Protection: 120 oC.Low Dropout Voltage: 150mV at 350mA.Low Voltage Protection: 2.5V.Soft Start.LED Short Circuit Protection.Led DriverFlashlightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5278 Operating voltage:2.4V~5.5V.LED current:<500mA.LED current determined by external resistor.Efficiency:up to 90%.Under voltage protection:2.4V.Over voltage protection:5V.Current accuracy:±5%.Led DriverTriple-cell battery powered LED lightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5235 Operating voltage:0.8V~4.0V.Current output:100mA~800mA.Effiency:>80%Led Driver1W,3W high-power LED driversTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5256 Operating voltage:2V~6V.Operating mode #1:all bright, pulsing.Operating mode #2:all bright, dim light, pulsing.Maximum LED current:200mA.Current expandable to:2A. Under voltage protection:2V.Led Driver LED flashlightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5237 Voltage input range: 1.6V - 3.2V.Maximum output current: >100mA.High efficiency: up to 80%.Only need an external inductor.LED driver capability: three to six 20mA LED lights.Led DriverLED flashlights powered by two dry cellsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5231 Voltage input range: 0.9V-3.2V.Maximum current output: >100mA.High efficiency: up to 85%.Only need to add an external inductor.LED driver capability: three to six 20mA LED light.Led DriverLED flashlight driver constant-currentTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX2211 Integrated high-Voltage Power Supply.Current-controlled preheating (preheat time and current adjustable).Light power basically not affected by Supply Voltage change.Inductor current saturation protection during ignition.Overheating protection.Condenser protection.Over-power protection. Compact Fluorescent Lights Compact Fluorescent LightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX6003 Output Voltage-2.5V~5.5VTouch Screen IC Battery Powered DeviceTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX6001 Supply voltage: 3.0V-6.0V.Operating mode: Dual-channel touch controller.Unlimited dimming: duty cycle 0%-100% internal PoR (power on reset).Output Load Carrying Capacity: IOUT =100mA @6.0V.IOUT =77mA @5.0V.IOUT =43mA @4.0V.Touch Screen ICTouch controlled dimming lamplightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX1511 Internal power transistor.Current mode operation.Jitter frequency and burst mode function.External programmable PWM switch frequency.Internal slope compensation.AdapterSet top box power supplyTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX1510 Internal leading-edge blanking circuit and synchronous slope compensation circuit.Current mode operation.Jitter frequency and burst mode function.AdapterBattery ChargerTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX1504 High accuracy constant Voltage output control.Internal transistor driver circuit.Primary-side feedback mode.Adapter constant voltage output adapter modulesTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX1502 Constant voltage output control: ±5% accuracy.High accuracy constant current output control. Primary-side feedback control, no optocoupler or TL431 required.Adjustable voltage output.AdapterLow-power adapter modulesTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5255 Operating voltage:2.5V~5.5V.2 operating modes.LED reference current:10mA~120mA.Under-voltage protection:2.4V.LED reference current determined by external resistor.Efficiency:>85%.Led DriverLED Lawn LightTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5259 Operating Voltage: 0.9V~1.5V.Output Current: 3mA~100mA.Led DriverSolar lawnTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5253 Operating voltage:1.8V~3.0V.Efficiency:87.7%.Led DriverSolar lawnTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5252 Operating Voltage:0.9V~1.5V.Output current:3mA~300mA.Led DriverSolar lawnTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX5238,39 Input Voltage-2.7-6V.Output Current-15mA or 20mA.Efficiency-98%.Led DriverLED Backlight DriverTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX6108 Non-isolating, internal MOS, current accuracy ±3%Led Driver LED Fluorescent LightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX6104 External MOSFETLed Driver LED Fluorescent LightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX6102 PWM control + transistor 13003Led DriverSignal LightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX6101 External transistorLed DriverSignal LightsTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX9911 High power-factor correctionLed DriverAC-DC LED driverTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest
QX9931 PWM driver MOSFET + PSR without 431 or optocoupler.Led DriverAC-DC LED driverTube/Reel/BulkActiveRequest